Be Obsessed-Idres Elba

May 6, 2009 at 3:03 pm (1)



Yes, the one and only Idres Elba gets a manicure and pedicure.  He is definitely the man of the hour.  This tall dark British cup of everything, hot and spicy is everything you imagine him to be.

Charismatic, charming, cool and dreamy.  I had the pleasure of doing his manicure and pedicure this past Monday at his NYC Hotel, London Hotel, how fitting.   As I entered into the prestigious establishment I walk over to the front desk, I mumble the name with a measure of pride and fear. ” Idris Elba, let me spell that for you.”  It felt amazing having the name roll off my tongue.  As if he and I were long time friends.  Well we could have been, I first met him some time in the past as I did his manicure service for the Azzure ad campaigne when he was on the HBO TV Series, The Wire.  I then met up with him again this past Oscar weekend at The Haven Event.   Now we meet again for his cover story for one of the worlds’ hottest magazine.  I don’t think I can tell you which one so I will leave it for another time.

As cool as I thought I was I turned around who do I see, tall dark chocolate man walking towards me as he is holding a conversation on his mobile.   He greets me ever so warmly as we were “old friends”.  Yes ladies he not only kissed me, but hugged me.  Yes his arms were wrapped around my body.   Then everything went black.  I think I blacked out for a minute.   Then reality set in his assistant extended her hand to me with her warm inviting eyes piercing into me, giving me the harsh reality check that I was there to work.  To perform a service.  Yes, but guest what I still get to touch him.  She is a beautiful caramel woman, pleasant, smart and a go getter.  He is surrounded by brilliance.

I allowed him a minute to settle into his room as I prepared to perform this loving task.  I quickly move into my professional mode and begin the task at hand.  By the way he has great feet and he is very ticklish.  I struggled to hold them in position as I pumice the bottle of his feet.  Yes this Superman’s kryptonite is his feet.   Using nothing but the best on him, damoreJon foot soak, menthol, and then I begin to pumice with the sea salt of Myr-mint by damoreJon, then last but not least the Lemon lotion combined with Healer Lavender-Vanilla  to give me that extra oil for messaging those strong masculine feet.

Now I move upward and we begin to hold hand.  Yes, his big strong hands, butter soft palms again the usual manicure routine.  Cut, shape, buff, apply cuticle oil by damoreJon, which I left for him, mixed with Mani-cure Moisturizer by damoreJon so that I can gently push back the cuticles.  Once both hands are completed, I grab a hot towel and allow the hotel to get cool.  Then I gently cut any hang nails, or rough cuticles and then message the big loving hands.   Finally I give him a medium buff and voila, his hands are more fabulous when he first wrapped them around me when we hugged in the lobby.  His deep voice thanks me for the service and I rush out the door before I black out again.

Idres Elba

Idres Elba

Wow.  I hate my job.  Good looking men, successful actor, touching them and making them feel good.  I have to change careers.   Until the next time.   Check out Obsessed , Idres Elba stars next to Beyonce at theaters near you.

Handle your business.


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