Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim was Haute in Miami

July 23, 2009 at 4:50 am (1)

Image the rays of sun beating down your skin, you gently wipe away the moisture from your brow. But as fast as you wipe your skin, your skin produces it even quicker. You finally come to the realization that it is more then just the heat that is causing you to perspire so quickly, YOUR IN MIAMI……Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2010.

You are surrounded by beautiful people, one after another, the bodies seem to be coming, one more beautiful then the first. What can you do but cheer, because you sit front row at Miami’s hotest show of the year……TIBI, CIA Maritima, L Space Monica Wise, Luli FAMA, Lycra, V Del Sol, Aqua Di Lara and Beauty Suite by Raj.
All sponsored by m2m damorejon, color in style.Ford Artists Rep Paula Represents m2m damorejonLife is Great at Nikki Beach with great peopleTaste of Neon by m2m damorejonMercedes Benz Fashion Week SwimFord Artists Supports m2m damorejonm2m damorejon Team Hard at workOur team is proficient in every wayLycra works...Team Work at its finestGreat people support m2m damorejon


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