Beauty With A Purpose

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Another season of Fashion Week has just passed in New York City. The only thing is there is something in the air that is different. Theres a change in the energy. shifting of the guards, why the change? I can only suspect it is because of the horrors of what had just transpired in the weeks prior in Haiti. The devastating earthquake that took the lives of some many innocent people one late afternoon. It showed no mercy to those young, old, poor or rich. It’s rage had been brewing for years, centuries, but to those innocent they knew nothing of the rage that came to claimed their lives.
But like the people before them that survived the horrors and lived in conditions none would ever imagine, their cries did not go on deaf ears. The world became its soldier, “Soldier of Love” and protected its weak. The Fashion Industry was also part of that band of brothers. This past season, designers from all over the world put their resources, monies, energies together to support Haiti.
No one was better, no one did more, no one did less. Everyone came as one for the perfect cause, to help those in need.

It is with this love I share an amazing season of New York Fashion Week with you all. m2m damoreJon team dedicated their season to Haiti. QVC, and the fashion crew designed a T Shirt that would not only help Haiti, but keep awareness of the rebuilding of Haiti.
From the Guru’s of Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Carmindy, Lois Samuels,  Vera Wang, Luca Luca, Port 1961, Donna Karen to name a few it only got better.
While those weeped for the loses of a nation, the fashion industry weeped for the lose of one of it’s own

Alexander McQueen. McQueen dared to cross lines that only an artist would understand. He was the Royalty and dressed royalty like no other. But his death was not in vain as his legacy will forever live on for generations.
Viva Haiti and McQueen we honor you both.


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