Building a Brand A Job or a Career

March 22, 2010 at 7:31 pm (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Making of brand is no where near what people think it is or should be. I love it when people think they can operate a “Business” in the same fashion they “collect a check”. Entrepeneurs operate different then employees. We don’t collection checks we develop contacts. Immediate cash is not our motivating force, passion for our choice of career and path in which we choose to walk in is our motivating force.

We don’t look for “fast cash”, we are building empires so that our intimate circles “EAT” not only now but for the future. Chris Rock said it nicely, people with jobs clock in for a paycheck am to pm. Entrepeneurs don’t have enough time of the day. We also realize that not everyone that come to us is genuine.


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