Building of a Brand-living a Dream

March 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm (1, Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

For some dream is useless, it is a distraction from reality.  For others it is a reason for living.  For me it proves to be the latter.  I have for so long worked hard to reach everything I ever wanted.  Not one thing was an inheritance from a wealthy parent, uncle, cousin or good Samaritan.  From a very young age I was taught to go to school, pay attention in class, do all your work, excel in all your subjects , go to college, get a good job work really hard and you will be recognized for your achievements and success would be yours.  That was some 36 years ago.  Nowadays, it is not the same lecture, school, education yet it may be encouraged, but not to the same degree that it once was.

Fame, fortune are not gained by hard work and good old fashion inheritance.  But for some being at the right time, saying the right thing, or doing what the moment calls for. What some are working hard to gain is not what our grandparents once worked for.  The energy is different.  The desires, the motives, the morals have changed.  So how does one compete in this world.  What once was is no more, but the bottom line is what is comfortable for each one of us must be the thing that keeps us focused.

Whatever choice of morals, guidelines, work ethics, life standards one chooses note that

there are consequences that one must live with and the burden is yours and yours alone.  While it affects those around you, often times your walk is usually a lonely one.  Whether your at the top or the bottom.

I am a manicurist by trade, a business woman because I work for myself,  I have managed to make a living for the past 18 years by working fashion shows, editorial, magazines, commercials, now after being exposed to the most amazing people in the industry I have taken the next step, the ultimate step of owning my own nail polish brand.  I take pride in it for all the above reasons.  I alone worked hard for it, build my relationships, placed myself in the right opportunities, and strategically allianed forces with the right people to create a product that will someday become a brand.

I am blessed to see what I don’t have but what I have, what I have been able to accomplish in my short period of time in this life with my career choice.  I cherish every moment of it.


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