Start By Giving

June 18, 2010 at 9:26 am (Uncategorized)

Open hand is both a giving hand and a receiving hand.

Giving goes beyond financial support.  Working under someone that can teach based on their experience and their qualification is priceless.

m2m damoreJon has had the privilege of servicing some of the brightess in the industry.  This past year has been extremely amazing for us.  We have worked on publications such  Italian Vogue, Korean Vogue, Japan Vogue, V Magazine, Clam Magazine to name a few.

The most fulfilling part of our every day job is working with amazing people.  Mary J Blige, Catherine Malandrino, Carmen Dell, Jessica Gomez are the more recent celebs to our list of greats.

But honestly the most rewarding work we have done have been the amazing charities we recently support because on those days we participated every artist there were volunteers.  No pay, no glory, purely out of love for our fellow man.. That is were we met the most appreciative people.

American Cancer Society, Beauty for the love of Haiti, Carma Gives Back, Fawn (Mary J Blige/Steve Stout) are some of the amazing evemts we worked on.


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