M2M -Natural Nail Care–damoreJon 

Inspired by color, 

Throughout my career I have had the honor of working with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars.   Beyond their talent and exciting careers, they have managed to do more than just entertain; they inspire others with their larger-than-life personalities.  While working with these women, I got to know some of them personally, and they later served as the creative inspiration for my new collection of classic nail polish colors.

M2M Natural Nail Care is more than just luxury in a bottle; it is fun way to take home a piece of my favorite stars and their great spirit. Besides naming each color after a certain personality trait, each bottle reminds me of a memorable conversation we shared, or her charitable works that inspired me.

A message in a bottle

Thus, a collaboration with Melky Jean (singer, performer, songwriter and creator of Carma Foundation) was born.  For each bottle sold, a percentage will be donated to aiding the people of our beloved homeland, Haiti.

 Aside from being socially responsible at M2M, we are conscious of our customers’ overall well-being, so none of our products contain Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP.


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