We’re gonna make it do what it Do

March 30, 2010 at 12:36 am (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

m2m for life!   m2m has quickly reach some of the most amazing people in the fashion industry.  From the brownstone of Brooklyn to the Royal house of the United Arab Emirates.  We have caught the attention of publications such as Cosmo, Glamour, Essence, Italian Vogue, Elle Magazine, Uptown Magazine to name a few.

We have been able to manicure and pedicure the industries finest: Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Mya, Vannessa L Williams to name some of our amazing list of great women.

We love what we do.  I love where my career has taken me.  I have been able to travel the world because of “NAIL POLISH!”

I am living the dream, we are trying to be socially responsible while doing what we love.


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Building of a Brand-living a Dream

March 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm (1, Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

For some dream is useless, it is a distraction from reality.  For others it is a reason for living.  For me it proves to be the latter.  I have for so long worked hard to reach everything I ever wanted.  Not one thing was an inheritance from a wealthy parent, uncle, cousin or good Samaritan.  From a very young age I was taught to go to school, pay attention in class, do all your work, excel in all your subjects , go to college, get a good job work really hard and you will be recognized for your achievements and success would be yours.  That was some 36 years ago.  Nowadays, it is not the same lecture, school, education yet it may be encouraged, but not to the same degree that it once was.

Fame, fortune are not gained by hard work and good old fashion inheritance.  But for some being at the right time, saying the right thing, or doing what the moment calls for. What some are working hard to gain is not what our grandparents once worked for.  The energy is different.  The desires, the motives, the morals have changed.  So how does one compete in this world.  What once was is no more, but the bottom line is what is comfortable for each one of us must be the thing that keeps us focused.

Whatever choice of morals, guidelines, work ethics, life standards one chooses note that

there are consequences that one must live with and the burden is yours and yours alone.  While it affects those around you, often times your walk is usually a lonely one.  Whether your at the top or the bottom.

I am a manicurist by trade, a business woman because I work for myself,  I have managed to make a living for the past 18 years by working fashion shows, editorial, magazines, commercials, now after being exposed to the most amazing people in the industry I have taken the next step, the ultimate step of owning my own nail polish brand.  I take pride in it for all the above reasons.  I alone worked hard for it, build my relationships, placed myself in the right opportunities, and strategically allianed forces with the right people to create a product that will someday become a brand.

I am blessed to see what I don’t have but what I have, what I have been able to accomplish in my short period of time in this life with my career choice.  I cherish every moment of it.

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Building a Brand A Job or a Career

March 22, 2010 at 7:31 pm (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Making of brand is no where near what people think it is or should be. I love it when people think they can operate a “Business” in the same fashion they “collect a check”. Entrepeneurs operate different then employees. We don’t collection checks we develop contacts. Immediate cash is not our motivating force, passion for our choice of career and path in which we choose to walk in is our motivating force.

We don’t look for “fast cash”, we are building empires so that our intimate circles “EAT” not only now but for the future. Chris Rock said it nicely, people with jobs clock in for a paycheck am to pm. Entrepeneurs don’t have enough time of the day. We also realize that not everyone that come to us is genuine.

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Manicurist Powers Activate

January 8, 2010 at 5:00 am (1, Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

m2m is about to take over the nail world by storm.  2009 was just the beginning of the take over.  We move in silence but do much damage.   It start out with one yours truly and slowly we started leaving our mark.  Monica  from Argentina, came along for the ride and got hooked, then Dawn Sterling in Brooklyn, Teniola Adunni Shasanya in Lonond, Chrissy Marshall in Staten Island, Chiharu Natsume, Japan by way of Manhattan, and now we officially got Atlanta’s finest Terrance Terry on board.  Yeah.  Nail World domination is happening.

We want to thank all the experts for seeing the vision, loving the products and sharing it with their amazing clients.  We want everyone to know we value all our supporters and will do everything in our power to continue to make great products and keep you all updated with our behind the scenes episode in the fashion, music and film industry.

We are starting to have a major problem that some business dream of we are running behind in stock with some of our colors.  For all those who have ordered Night Kat, Platinum Plus please bare with us we are working fast to bring it back quickly.  Thank you for giving us such a wonderful problem.

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Brand Development

December 10, 2009 at 12:42 am (1, Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Developing a brand is far more difficult than I can every have imagined.   But I telling we are enjoying every moment of it.  From selecting the colors to choosing the bottles and most definitely naming the colors. Finding inspiration is the most easy of all our task.  The people we work with and get to enjoy are our inspiration.  This past week we have found ourselves in the most amazing of situation to enjoy the career path that we love and work at so hard. We had the pleasure this past couple of months working with the legendary Marc Baptiste on Latina Magazine, Shape Magazine, and had the honor of providing gift bags for him for Art Basel.  His work has graced the pages of some of the worlds leading fashion magazine and to have the privilege of being part of his team has proved to be one of the best rewards money can never buy. Our week continues as we work with new legends, Daisy Fuentes, Rihanna and great publications such as Vogue Japan, Vogue China and Paper Magazine.   We are now featured in Essence Magazine once again for the January Issue “Who’s Got Next”.  Thank you Essence, thank you fans, thank you new clients for your continued support.

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Rock With Tokio Hotel

October 25, 2009 at 10:50 am (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel)

Who do they call when one of Germany’s hottest band member needs his nail fixed?    m2m damorejon.

It was 7:40 pm when I got a call from our brand manager to please get to the London Hotel to service this undisclosed client who had a press interview the next day and “A” nail was in need of repair.

She asked if I can get there in 30 minutes, impossible I knew.  I said yes.  As I scurried back home to pack my things and jump back in the car, I ripped into the highway to get to this client.  The London Hotel just happens to be one of my favorite hotels.  I greeted the front desk personnel, she called my contact person telling them I have arrived.  As I patiently waited for my client to give me instruction.  I was then greeted warmly by the manager who told me give them a couple of minutes as they finished their dinner.

Then there he was walking towards me, the tokio hotelgood-looking, beautifully made up slinky 6 foot plus figure rocking the coolest rock star hair do.  Then closely following this braids which were sweet, tight as any gangster brother could rock.   I was officially introduced to Tokio Hotel.  I do honestly have to say I was completely unaware of who they are, but I was quickly sucked into the charm of these two, figured out why the crowed roarer when they come into a room.

They have been officially stamped by m2m.  Tokio Hotel, is a German band founded in Magdeburg, Germany in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing.

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Winterize your nails this Winter

October 22, 2009 at 8:46 am (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Now that we are about to cover up our feet with the latest and hottest boots this season brings out does not mean we stop getting pedicures.  It is my personal belief that despite what some may think manicures and pedicures should be considered a regular beauty routing year round.   In fact because our feet are constantly covered, boots, sneakers, it requires more attention during the winter seasons.

We first must continue drinking more water in our diet and moisturizer a little heavier than we would in the summer months.  We should damp dry and while still a little moist we then oil and moisturizer our body, of course after exfoliating with our favorite scrubs to get rid off all the dry dead skin.

Then proper nail care is definitely a must.  Keeping our nails properly nourished with a great nail hardner is a must.  Duri products makes this amazing Rejuvacote which is one our favorites for those with dry brittle, slow growing nails.

The other favorite nail fashion that is going to be Haute for this season is MINX.  Yes, rock those Minx.  The Blinged out designs are truly fun and festive for this season.  Patterns range from the most outrages of sculls to the sleek ever so popular silver worn by celebs such as Beyonce.

Now our new craze will be the BlackBerry Bling, created by one of “THE”hottest m2m team leader Dawn Sterling.  Whom you can go visit at one of my favorite hot spots Carol’s Daughter in Harlem New York City.  A must go to hot spot. This new trend is a combination of our new shades to be released inspired by some of our newest celebs, with two of our hottest colors this past summer Star Dust or Star Burst on the thumbs while the other fingers are painted the hottest IMG_2953IMG_1062IMG_0903IMG_0905_2IMG_0897IMG_0901IMG_0907_1IMG_0902IMG_0909IMG_0913IMG_0914_1IMG_0922_1IMG_0920.  So go ahead pickup that BlackBerry, it won’t be your only accessory .

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Building A Brand

August 30, 2009 at 4:50 am (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Dirty Money Queen with Platinum Plus

Dirty Money Queen with Platinum Plus

Dirty Money Diva

Dirty Money Diva



Dawn working it out

Dawn working it out



Cure Beauty Bar Beauties

Cure Beauty Bar Beauties

Kiwi and Minx

Kiwi and Minx


Star Burst

m2m damorejon has managed to continue to build a great name for itself with the help of all the amazing recommendations from some of the industries greatest supporter.

This past couple of weeks we have worked on various publications Cosmo Magazine, Parent Magazine,  and Essence magazine.  We were also on set with S Magazine and Tush Magazine.  More recently we were on set with the one and only Diddy and his new Songstress duo Dirty Money.  It was amazing to be on set with great people as Ashunta Sheriff, Curtis Smith among the great talent.

We have confirmed some of the great designers for New York Fashion Week such as Vera Wang, Luca Luca, Vivienne Tam, Monarchy, and Vessel.

We are as equally excited about being featured once again in Nails Magazine.  Thank you for the plug in for our upcoming lecture on Sept 8 and 9th.

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m2m damorejon Rock in The UK

July 31, 2009 at 2:10 am (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

It is a brands dream to get the recognition they work so hard for when developing a product.

What some fail to realize is there is so much in developing a product, besides quality, performance, product placement and brand recognition one needs for the media to valid you.

I can’t thank the media, editors, bloggers, consumers for all their continued support.

We are slowly becoming international.UK-Pride 1Uk-Pride m2m 2UK Loves m2m 1UK Loves m2m 3UK Loves m2m 2

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Keeping it Clean

July 28, 2009 at 2:28 pm (Beauty, Fashion, Spas, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Gift and Spas)

Purell_hand_sanitizerWith the big scare of the Swine Flu re-appearing it is important that we put health first.

As a manicurist for more then 18 years it has been always important that my tools stay clean and the health of my clients are put first.   So it is with this in mind that we pulled together some of our great products that we feel that you all should consider keeping in your beauty bag when doing your own manicure.

Purell is first when it comes to hand sanitizing.   Before you even get started with anything wash your hands.  If you are not in a position to have access to soap an water your portable hand sanitizer, Purell.

Now your tools, there is no way your tools should in no way be dirty.  Each person should own their own tools that guarantees the least amount of transferable germs.  Kiss products has created a professional personalized tools for your every needs.

In addition to keeping things cleaning it is important that the final look is well polished. Kiss manicure Kit615f2c05-8908-48db-b5c5-27487553f742-RPK01_L

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